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The following is a brief, official synopsis. Thanks to ITV for the publicity stills and to Shelagh and Gillian for the press-pack.

The following is a brief, official synopsis. For a detailed account of the episode, click here.

February, 1941:

Foyle is hoping for a new job away from Hastings when he gets caught up in the shady world of Top Secret spy organisation, the Special Operations Executive. When the son of MI5 chief Sir Giles Messinger is found dead after an explosion, Foyle suspects it is more than suicide. His investigations take him to the SOE's headquarters, where agents are taught the art of dirty warfare. As Foyle and Sam try to find the truth about William Messenger's death, they are given a fright.

English agent Facteur is killed when he steps on a mine after landing in the French countryside.

Foyle arrives at the Admiralty to see his brother-in-law Commander Howard, hoping he can get him a job heading up a new naval command centre in Liverpool. Howard first tries to calm a bitter row between Major General Sir Giles Messinger of MI5 and Lieutenant James Wintringham, who is angry that Messinger has been spying on his competing institution, the Special Operations Executive.

Wintringham returns to the SOE headquarters and is desperate that news of Facteur's death does not reach Messinger and MI5.

In Hastings, Foyle and Milner, whose marriage is breaking up, arrest a shopkeeper who is dealing on the black market. There's an explosion next to his shop and police find the charred remains of a young man. Although it looks like suicide, Foyle has his doubts, especially as the man was carrying a gold watch inscribed with a date.

The watch is traced to William Messinger, son of Sir Giles, who refuses to accept his son's death could be anything other than suicide. But his wife Anne confides to Foyle that William seemed afraid. He was working with a young Pole called Jan Komorowski at Hill House.

Foyle and Sam head for Hill House. Sam's uncle Aubrey is the local vicar and tells them of strange happenings in the churchyard. Foyle goes to Hill House and learns that the SOE is a new Top Secret intelligence organisation engaged in the art of dirty warfare. Hill House trains secret agents in murder and deception.

As Foyle interviews members of the SOE including shady ex-con Maccoby, Sam conducts her own investigations into the disturbances at her uncle's churchyard, tracking down a mysterious bald man and discovering a map of France hidden in a phone box.

But when Sam picks up Foyle from Hill House, the car spins out of control and they crash. What is the truth about these secret organisations and what really happened to William and Facteur? What Foyle discovers affects his future career.