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Scenes Cut From the US Screening on PBS

  • When Foyle and Sam enter the station and Sgt. Rivers shows them the onion. After Milner comes in and reports no luck with Fenner, Foyle tells him to let Fenner go. Milner says, "Yes, sir," but looks very discouraged. Then the following dialogue was cut:

    Foyle: You all right?
    Milner (attempting a smile): Yes, sir.

    Sam watches this exchange with a concerned expression. After Foyle leaves, she returns her attention to Rivers and the onion:

    Sam: Could I have a smell?
    Rivers: What?
    S: The onion. I haven't seen one since Christmas. She picks it up and takes a long, appreciative sniff.
    R: That'll cost you a penny!

    She looks surprised, then smiles.

  • (after Fenner has been hit on the head). Sam is seen collecting her things preparatory to leaving the station for the evening. She peers into Milner's office and finds him still at his desk.

    Sam: You still here?
    Milner: I thought you'd gone.
    S: I just dropped Mr. Foyle home. I'm leaving the car here tonight. Flashing him a sudden smile as she dons her cap. Do you want to buy me a drink?

    Cut to the pair, with drinks, sitting in front of a fireplace in a pub.

    M: looking very unhappy It just wasn't working. So she's gone back to Wales.
    S: taking a deep breath and letting it out in a sigh, then looking at him sympathetically. It's all the war. You try to go on as normal but you just can't. It's mucking us all up. I don't know what will happen if it goes on much longer.
    M: There's something else. I'm thinking of leaving Hastings.
    S: Oh, not you too!
    M: Why, who else?
    S: realizing she's about to break a confidence Uh nobody. Why do you want to leave?
    M: A fresh start, I suppose.
    S: Mr. Foyle will be very disappointed in you.
    M: Don't mention it to him. Not yet.
    S: I won't. Wouldn't dream of it Do you know what you two need? Something to take your mind off things. A jolly good murder! That would do it. Both chuckle.

  • At the end of the scene in Foyle's office where Sam is trying to talk him out of leaving. She ends with "You never know what's around the corner in this job." Clapping his hat on his head, Foyle turns to her and says firmly: "That's enough. End of conversation. Subject's off limits!"

  • After Lady Anne Messinger has followed Foyle and Milner out to the car and told him about Hill House, then is called back by her husband. He asks, "What did you tell him?" and she replies, "Nothing." Then the following dialogue was cut:

    Sir Giles: This was all my fault, you know.
    Lady Anne: No.
    Sir G: Yes, I was never a good father to him. He determined to spite me. Poor William I drove him to it. It was my fault.

  • As Sam is driving Foyle to Leavenham:

    Foyle: Is Milner all right?
    Sam: Sir?
    F: Always in early, last to leave, says very little anything the matter?
    S: Not that I know of then, not wishing to tell an outright lie, adds nothing I'd care to repeat.
    F: Oh, I see.
    S: Look, we're nearly there there's Farmer Parkin's place. I used to go scrumping there when I was visiting Uncle Aubrey. Farmer Parkin once chased me for a quarter of a mile.
    F: Round the orchard?
    S: Nowhere near the orchard. He used to chase me everywhere. Foyle looks amused. Look, there's the church.

  • A good chunk of dialogue was cut from the scene where Sam is trying to repair the vase. Just after her uncle says she always wanted to be a detective, she replies:

    Sam: Well, I am a detective now. I've been with the police a whole year.
    Uncle Aubrey: Why the vase?
    S: Well, I have a theory. It occurred to me that your hoax telephone caller must have wanted to get you out of the way, which means he must have been looking for something.
    A: Yes?
    S: Something valuable - like this vase, for example. Maybe he tried to steal it and he dropped it, and I'm trying to fix it so I can figure out if it's worth anything. I mean, it could be an antique!
    A: Yes, of course. The trouble is - actually it came from Woolworth's.
    S: looking disappointed Did it?
    A: Yes.
    S: How do you know?
    A: Mrs. Harper told me. Ted's mother.
    S: Oh, I see.
    A: Sorry.

    Dialogue picks up then with Sam asking her uncle about the stranger he's seen loitering about.

  • Dialogue cut from the scene where Foyle meets the Hill House inhabitants before dinner, just after Komorowski says he doesn't believe Foyle is really a police officer:

    Dumont: This is a test.
    Komorowski: It's true. There are always tests. You meet a girl. She makes eyes to you. You feel lonely. You want to talk to her. She asks you where you're from, what you do, and you tell her.
    Nichols: But she's an agent. Next thing you know, you're out. Happens all the time. Have you seen the bar? You'll find it unusually well-stocked.
    K: That too is a test.
    N: They watch how much you drink. Can't do anything around here without somebody watching.

    Then Maccoby says that Foyle is really a police officer, that they know each other.

  • Brief cut from the scene where Sam bicycles to the Red Lion and questions Cooper, the landlord, who tells her to try Farmer Parkin's place.

    Cooper: I'm sure old Parkin will be pleased to see you. Always had a soft spot for you.
    Sam: ruefully Don't I know it! Then she thanks him and pedals off.

  • Entire scene cut just after Foyle takes his leave from Col. Wintringham and meets his secretary. Back in Hastings at the station, Sgt. Rivers rushes to Milner's office door.

    Rivers: Mr. Milner? She's on the move
    Milner: Marion Greenwood?
    R: She took a taxi to Hastings station. She's waiting for the Brighton train.
    M: getting to his feet and snatching up his coat and hat Same train as Mrs. Thorndyke. What time does it leave?
    R: Twenty minutes. I've got a car for you at the front.
    Milner hurries out.

  • Scene with Sam, Milner and the onion by the car. Some lovely dialogue was cut from the beginning. It opens with the two standing a couple of feet apart, leaning against the car, obviously waiting for Foyle. Sam looks very unhappy.

    Sam: You know, you can't really leave.
    Milner: What do you mean?
    S: Hastings. What would we do without you?
    M: I don't know.
    S: We're a team, aren't we? All for one and one for all or whatever?
    M: I almost forgot and he opens the car and produces the onion.

    Note: These were all the cuts I could spot but there may have been more. This episode, which ran something like 100 minutes in the UK, was cut to less than 87 minutes by PBS.

Many thanks to Lynette for noting the cut scenes.