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The Abwehr was the common name for the German military foreign information and counterintelligence department, during both World War I and World War II.

Episode: The German Woman


The British Army has had a major base in Aldershot in the county of Hampshire since 1854, celebrating its 150th Anniversary in 2004. Location: 88 miles (141.7 km) north west of Hastings; 39.7 miles (63.9 km) south west of Greater London; 3.1 miles (5 km) south of Farnborough.

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Episode: The German Woman

ARP Wardens

ARP = Air Raid Precaution. The ARP Warden Service was formed in 1937. In January 1938 the ARP Act required local authorities to create ARP schemes. Wardens supervised air-raid shelters, enforced the night-time black-out and provided help following bomb raids, such as rescuing and looking after people until the emergency services arrived, and demolishing buildings rendered unsafe by bombing. During WWII, Britain was served by 1.4 million wardens.

Assistant Commissioner - see Police Ranks

Art Work - Safety During WWII

Steps were taken to protect valuable works of art from the London bombing. An description of what happened at the Tate Gallery is given in the following link.

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Episode: Eagle Day