Step back in time...Foyle'd again - October 23-29, 2004; TV Quick; Steve Clark

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Perfect viewing for those cold Sunday evenings as Michael Kitchen returns to fight wartime crime in the picturesque English countryside.

This series is comfort viewing par excellence. So snuggle down in your fleecy jimjams with a mug of hot chocolate and let yourself wallow in the nostalgia.

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Foyle's War is back and so is Honeysuckle Weeks - as Samantha, the wartime sleuth's feisty driver. Michael Kitchen is once again playing Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, cracking crime on the south coast of England against a backdrop of wartime Britain. It's now 1941 and although the country has come through the battle of Britain and the prospect of imminent German invasion is over, war is still raging and Britain stands alone and vulnerable.

With his son (Julian Ovenden) doing his bit as a fighter pilot, Foyle feels he ought to be doing more than catching common criminals and decides to try and get a post with the Royal Navy.

Home life isn't going well for Foyle's trusty sidekick Sergeant Paul Milner (Anthony Howell) and his rocky marriage takes a further turn for the worse.

But romance is blossoming for Foyle's driver Samantha Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks). The only trouble is, she's dating Foyle's son Andrew and they don't want his old man to find out.

However, personal problems take a back seat when there's a mystery to solve, and in this series of four two-hour dramas, the team investigates a killing at a burns unit, find themselves caught in the crossfire between rival spy organisations, and Sam goes undercover as a land girl.

A host of well-known faces pop up in the guest roles. This week, they include Ronald Pickup, Angela Thorne, and Samuel West. Bill Paterson, James Wilby and Corin Redgrave are among those appearing in future episodes.

Honeysuckle Weeks threw herself into the role of land girl. 'If I'd been alive then, I'd definitely have wanted to do my bit in the war,' she says. 'I'd have become a land girl and driven tractors.

'That would have been easier for me than having to be tidy all the time, like Sam is.

'I was leaving the house the other day and my mother begged me not to go out wearing my Wellington boots. I only had them on to drive to a party, but she thought I was actually going to wear them at the party, as it's something I might well do!

'You either have dress sense or you don't - and I don't!' Honeysuckle confesses.

'I buy nice clothes and do my best to look good, but it doesn't seem to quite work for me. I come to work in an old woolly jumper and I usually look like Worzel Gummidge. My hair's always a mess - I don't bother to brush it because, if I do, it goes horrific, like one of those dogs at Crufts - ridiculously fluffed up.'

On set, the hair and make-up artists get to work, and within an hour, Honeysuckle is transformed.

'I like the wartime look because it's quite glamorous and chic,' she says. 'But it's high maintenance, so I'm glad that someone else does it for me.'