Clarke, Lady Marion Janet: b. 4 Jun 1851; d. 28 Apr 1909
Lady Clarke of "The Ashes" fame (the Rupertswood Claim.) Janet Clarke was Kenneth Snodgrass' sister and the second wife of William John Clarke (1831-1897, son of 'Big Clarke'), Australia's first home-grown baronet.

Both the Clarkes were highly regarded public figures noted for their philanthropy. Janet involved herself in the St John Ambulance Association (William was the President) - in 1887 raising funds for six two-wheeled "Ashford litters". Janet Clarke Hall, first known as Trinity College Hostel, began in 1886 as the first women's college in Australia. The first building opened in 1891 was named after Janet, Lady Clarke, by whose generosity it was erected. She was the founding President of the National Council of Women of Victoria. Issues raised at the first meeting in 1902 were: The right to vote, equal pay for equal work, the need for women police officers and separate treatment for epileptics. Janet was appointed first president of the Australian Women's National League in 1904. The group aimed to organise women voters so they could make effective use of their newly acquired franchise.

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