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Charles Yarburgh Gold born in Quebec, Canada, the son and grandson of a distinguished military family.

Kenneth John McKenzie Snodgrass born on Doogallook Station (near Yea), Victoria. The descendent of very prominent settler aristocracy and politicians.

Charles Gold marries Caroline Augusta Evans in Wanganui, New Zealand.

Elizabeth Emma Grainger Farrell born in Woodend, Victoria

Kenneth Snodgrass marries Helena ('Lena') Robinson (b. 1858)

In 1878 Charles Gold deserts his first wife Caroline Augusta Gold (nee Evans) and returns to Australia. Caroline remarries in New Zealand in 1884.

In March 1879, Gold marries Harriette Anderson in Newcastle, New South Wales. By October, a warrant has been issued in his name for desertion of Harriette.

In January, Charles Gold marries Annie Victoria Burnham in Queensland. They have four known children. He originally used the names Charles Hamilton Browne but by 1884 when Caroline Augusta Evans remarried, he has resumed Charles Yarbrough Gold.

Gold marries Mabel Mary Cresswell in Victoria.

Gold marries Elizabeth Emma Grainger Farrell, a 28 year old dressmaker, in Collingwood, Victoria. Charles Gold states he is a "Gentleman" and "widower".

Kenneth Snodgrass arrives in Coolgardie. In the 1895/96 Postal Directory he is listed as Agent, Hamilton saw mills, Bayley Street.

January - Kenneth Snodgrass returns to Victoria for a holiday.
Prior to Charles Gold's death - Kenneth Snodgrass becomes a lodger in the home of Charles and Elizabeth Gold.
May 27 - Charles Gold dies in Coolgardie, aged 57.
August - Miss Rosa Snodgrass is appointed Matron at Coolgardie Government Hospital.
November - Kenneth Snodgrass takes the tenancy of the Bungalow Dining Rooms with Elizabeth as housekeeper.
December 30 - Helena Snodgrass and her seven children arrive in Coolgardie. The whole family lives in accommodation attached to the Bungalow.

January - the Bungalow Dining Rooms fails as a business venture. The family moves to a house in Toorak, a suburb of Coolgardie.
January - Elizabeth commences duties as a probationer nurse at Coolgardie Government Hospital
May - Kenneth Snodgrass writes to his sister, Janet, Lady Clarke, for assistance in returning to Victoria with his family.
Early May - Janet Snodgrass is employed by her cousin, Miss Rosa Snodgrass, Matron of the Hospital, to assist her at the Hospital.
Late May - Kenneth Snodgrass receives a discouraging letter, presumably from Lady Clarke or her agent, from Victoria.

Tuesday, May 31, 1898
Half-past 11 - Kenneth Snodgrass is seen at the Hospital, visiting his daughter, Janet.
Afternoon - a bailiff takes possession of the Snodgrass home in Toorak, Coolgardie, for unpaid rent.
2 to 3 o'clock - Kenneth Snodgrass visits Ernest Cochrane, an engineer employed at the Electric Lighting Works, and borrows a loaded revolver from him.
3 o'clock - Kenneth Snodgrass visits his daughter, Janet, at her camp. He leaves before 5 o'clock.
Half-past 4 - Kenneth Snodgrass visits his cousin, the Matron, to ask permission to speak to Elizabeth Gold as he has some money to give to her.
5 o'clock - Kenneth Snodgrass is again seen by the Matron.
Half-past 6 - Kenneth Snodgrass finishes his tea, takes leave of his family and tells his wife he is going to try and raise four weeks rent. Shortly after he is seen walking down Hunt street towards the Post Office.
7 o'clock - Kenneth Snodgrass speaks to a person about an account that is due.
7 o'clock - Elizabeth Gold completes her duties on the ward and returns to her camp to prepare for the dance.
Ten-past 7 - Kenneth Snodgrass knocks at the door of Elizabeth and Janet's camp. He is later admitted and speaks with his daughter and then with Elizabeth.
Between quarter-past and half-past 7 - After hearing and ignoring a scuffle and a shout, Fanny Warland hears gunshots outside her camp. The alarm is raised.
8 o'clock - PC Toohey arrives at the hospital and takes charge of a five-chambered revolver, letters and other evidence.

Wednesday, June 1, 1898
Half-past 3 - The funeral of Elizabeth Gold leaves for the cemetery.
4 o'clock - The funeral of Kenneth Snodgrass leaves for the cemetery.

Saturday, June 4, 1898
The inquest into the deaths of Elizabeth Gold and Kenneth Snodgrass is held at the Police Court before Mr J.M. Finnerty, R.M. The verdict was 'that Elizabeth Gold came to her death from the effect of two gunshot wounds maliciously inflicted by Kenneth Snodgrass, who subsequently committed suicide by shooting himself with a revolver while temporarily insane.'

Monday, June 6, 1898
The Coolgardie Miner reports the details of the inquest and the presence of letters withheld from the press and the public.

Intriguingly, Mary Josephine (or sometimes Josephine Mary) Farrell, the youngest sister of Elizabeth, arrived in Coolgardie. It isn't known why she came to Coolgardie. On May 23, Mary Josephine married James Henry Larkin in St Andrew's Church, Coolgardie.

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