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For two years Michael Kitchen appeared on British TV as Jack Turner in Always and Everyone, more commonly known as A&E.

Jack is an Orthopaedic Surgeon at St Victor's hospital, at times a bit of a lad, at others a bit of a cad, but generally quite, quite charming.

Sadly, this series has never been released commercially on vhs or dvd - although we live in hope. However, if we ever hear of it being re-shown in any country, we will be sure to let you know!

Eventually the Episode List will contain a brief summary of each episode, cast list and, where possible, screen captures to compliment the summary. When a summary has been added, the link on the episode page will be activated and when screen-caps are available, the little will be dispayed next to the episode number.

A note on screen captures: Because of the spontaneous 'live' technique used to film A&E it is sometimes difficult to get a clear screen capture of what would be an interesting part of the plot or an interesting looking character (read Jack Turner). So, if a screen cap does look blurry it's not because I don't care about quality, simply that I can't do any better!

Jack Turner Rating: Even when Michael Kitchen is listed in the opening credits, Jack doesn't always get a lot of screen time. As a guide,
0 = no Jack Turner
1 = minimal Jack Turner - pops in to say 'hi' or 'bye'
2 = middling Jack Turner - is involved in one subplot
3 = quality Turner time - is the main focus or is involved in the main plot.

Piecing together the series has taken several years and the help of many A&E fans around the world. My sincere thanks to them all - even those who couldn't fathom my interest in that nasty Jack Turner!