Summary of Epsiode One - August 25, 2003; written by Mairi

Marcey (Sophie Okonedo) moonlights for a catering firm whenever her job as a benefits clerk allows. One evening, while waitressing at a surprise anniversary party arranged by one of the partners of a local bar-fitting company, Greg (Michael Kitchen), for his wife, Linda (Phyllis Logan). After the meal, Marcey catches sight of Greg's business partner, Martin, caressing Linda as they leave the table.

Returning home in the mini-bus, Marcey discovers she has left her handbag behind. As the other passengers have lifts awaiting for them, the driver refuses to turn back and drops Marcey at a petrol station where she rings for a taxi to take her back to the house. The place appears deserted, and, failing to get an answer at the front door she tries around the back. She finds the kitchen door unlocked and enters the house only to find Greg trying to drag Martin's body across the floor. She screams and makes a run for the front door, but there is no key to unlock it and when she bolts for the back door she finds Greg already in the kitchen. Before following to look for Marcey, Greg turns and locks the back door, taking the key with him.

Marcey eventually locks herself in an upstairs bathroom and tries in vain to open the window to escape. When she hears Greg outside she pretends to call the police on her mobile. Talking loudly in an effort to deter her pursuer she gives the house address and says that a woman has been murdered along with her boyfriend. This information confuses Greg who asks Marcey what she means. She tells him no one will blame him, it was after all their anniversary party and Martin was touching up his wife. She'll tell the police what she saw, he'll be okay. From Greg's reaction to this news, Marcey realises that he had no idea his wife was having an affair with his business partner. She then asks why he did kill him if he didn't know. Greg explains that Linda, Martin and himself were the only people left when his wife went ballistic about how much money he'd wasted on the party. She then stormed out of the house to spend the night at her sisters. Greg insisted he tried to follow her but Martin had his car keys and refused to return them. When Martin had told him 'Don't be a bloody fool' he'd lost his temper and swung a punch. He'd then waited for Martin to get up and 'give me a pasting', but he just lay there.

Greg then approaches the bathroom door and begins to unscrew the door handle, sending Marcey into another panic. He explains she can't spend all night in there and he's taking the lock of to prove that he could get in there if he wanted too, but that he doesn't. As he hands her the key to the back door he tells her she can watch him go into the bedroom across the hall and she can then leave, go home, to forget what she saw and once she's left, he's going to call the police.

As Marcey is walking away from the house she changes her mind and returns to tell Greg she'll stay and tell the police that she saw everything, how it was all an accident. However, they spend too long trying to plan their story and realise they could have no explanation for taking nearly two hours to phone for help. Greg tells her to leave and not to become involved. Marcey, however, has other ideas!

They decide to fake a road accident. Greg puts Martins body into the car and drives off while Marcey begins to clean up the house. Upon his return, Marcey tells Greg to strip and she'll take his clothes home to burn them, just in case forensic evidence could link him with Martin's car. Marcey then walks to the nearest pub and phones for a taxi. On the way to town they pass the burning remains of Martin's car and the taxi driver stops to radio for help. When the police arrive they obtain a obtain a statement from Marcy. She reluctantly gives them her name.

When Linda arrives home from her sister's she is already aware of Martin's 'car crash'. Greg, Linda, her sister Steph and her husband, Danny are sitting discussing the 'accident' when Marcey phones to speak to Greg. She tells him he must replace the clothes that she burned in case the police ask to see them. She needs to know what sizes to buy.

Greg then leaves for the office to inform his employees of Martin's death and gives them the rest of the day off. Later, Marcey arrives to deliver the replacement clothes she's bought. Greg asks her if she may have been mistaken about what she saw between Martin and his wife. Had Linda looked annoyed, perhaps? Had she welcomed the caress? Marcey, tries to cover her initial thoughts regarding what she saw and tells Greg that perhaps Linda had been trying to push Martin's hand away. She then says she has to go, she's catering again that evening.

Upon his return home, Greg finds the police waiting for him. They question him about what Martin had had to drink the previous evening, what time he had left and so on. During the interview, Linda arrives home and Greg asks her to tell the police what time Martin had left, that they hadn't rowed the night before and that she'd remained at home. He tells her it's better than admitting she'd driven to her sisters while over the limit. Linda agrees.

The following morning, Greg is stopped on his way to work at the accident spot and quizzed by the police about what time he normally travels that road and where he'd break on the approaching bends. As he drives away, he overhears the crash investigators discussing the accident and how strange it appears. In a panic, he arrives at Marcey's work, telling her the police are suspicious. He becomes even more distraught when Marcey reveals the police also called on her that morning. She tells him to calm down and go and wait outside the front door, she'll join him in a few minutes. In the car she gives Greg some valium and tries to get him to relax, tells him to act normal. He replies "See I'm fine if you're there and I know what you're thinking but the minute something else crops up I'm going, 'Shit what if Marcey's saying the bloody opposite'. It's driving me mad." Marcey eventually calms him down saying she won't say anything they haven't agreed on first. She tells him to take another valium and get back to work.

Later, Marcey arrives at Greg's work to give him another bottle of valium. As they are talking, Linda comes in and Marcey can tell that she's been recognised. She pretends to be from the temp agency and is just being interviewed. She then asks Linda if they've ever met? Marcey then mentions the party and apologises to a rather bewildered Greg for not recognising him. Linda seems convinced by the story and tells Greg he should hire Marcey immediately. Greg tries to dissuade Linda, but she offers Marcey the job there and then. To his horror, Marcey agrees.

The following day, Stan, Martin's dad asks if he can call round the next day to collect his son's belongings and have a look round where he worked. Marcey agrees to keep Greg company when he meets Stan. When Stan visits the office he hands Marcey a bag of paperwork he thinks must be connected with work which he had found in his son's flat earlier that day. Once she is alone, Marcey looks over the papers and realises they are bank statements. She discovers that Martin had been stealing money from the business and had set up an account in his and Linda's name. Just then, she receives a phone call, "Marcey it's me, Greg." She replies, "I know who it is. I know who you are, you lying two-faced bastard. I believed every word you told me. You knew he'd nicked this money before he died didn't you? I mean that's why he died. That is why you killed him. Well you'd better start telling me the truth or I'm straight to the police, right?"

End of part one.

Summary of Epsiode Two - August 26, 2003; written by Mairi

Greg returns to his office where Marcey accuses him of knowing all about the affair and the stolen money. Gradually she begins to realise that he didn't know anything about it. When she informs him the two signatories on the account are Martin and Linda, Greg leaves the room. Marcey eventually follows and they sit talking. She asks Greg how he could not miss all the money that was being taken and he explains that Martin always did the books. He realises that the affair was serious and that Linda was obviously planning to leave him. He begins to laugh -

"Hey, but I killed him."
"But it was an accident."
"So what, he's dead. Bastard, shaggin' my wife, robbin' me blind. He's dead an' I did that."
"Greg, if security come round and you're ...."
"How good d'you think that feels eh?"
"Greg, will you keep your voice down."
"When they ask why I'll say well it's the least ..honestly it's the bloody least I could do."
"You can't go to Linda with this."
"And not just decked him, no, fried the devious, dirty bastard to a crisp in the luxury of his over-waxed car."

Greg gets up and marches from the office to confront Linda. Marcey follows him out trying to tell him to calm down and keep quiet.

Greg arrives home to find the police there speaking to his wife. They ask him to confirm how much Martin had had to drink as four other guests from the party stated that Martin had not been drinking. They also wanted to ask if Martin had arrived with anyone as he may have had a passenger in the car when it crashed. Greg replies that he wouldn't have been surprised if he had. Said he was good at doing two things at once and had a current girlfriend somewhere in Bradford. Going to the kitchen to make the police a cup of tea, Greg uses his mobile to ring the house and pretends it's a call from the office to say the alarm has gone off and he'll need to go out. He drives round to Marcey's flat where they sit and talk.

The next morning, Linda finds Greg asleep at their kitchen table. She wakes him up and tells him there are prospective buyers coming to view the house and could he go and get ready to see them. She finds the bottle of valium with Marcey's name on the prescription but says nothing to Greg. Linda begins showing the buyers around the property. When Greg finally appears, she asks him to 'go and do his stuff'. Greg walks over to the couple and tells them to piss off out of it as the house is no longer for sale. He then jumps into his car and leaves.

Linda goes to the office to try and find Greg, but he's nowhere to be seen. She asks Marcey about the tablets and Marcey says she thought Greg just seemed like he needed them as he seemed all over the place. Linda tells Marcey to do them a favour and keep her bright ideas to herself.

Greg finally goes home that evening and tells Linda, Steph and Danny that he's been in London on business and that he's going to clear 120k profit on the job, the amount that Martin actually stole, allowing them to keep the house. He cracks a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

On the day of the inquest into Martin's death, Greg phones Marcey at the office and tells her his car has broken down. She replies that she knows he's lying and that he has to go to the inquest so that they know what's happened. He replies that she should just phone the court and ask.

During the inquest, Linda hears Marcey's name being read out by the police as being the passenger travelling in the taxi that stopped to report the car crash. Suspicious, Linda finds the taxi driver after the proceedings and asks him where he picked up his fare. She now knows that Marcey was less than a mile from the house on the morning Martin died.

Marcey, meanwhile, sends a text message to Greg to tell him the verdict was accidental death. A relieved Greg returns to the office to find Marcey gone. He drives round to her flat to ask her what she's going to do now. She informs him she'll be fine.

Linda has now been to speak to the catering firm where Marcey moonlights and finds out that Marcey had returned to her house without the others to fetch her handbag. Linda then goes to the catering job where Marcey is working that evening and confronts her -

"Did you kill him?"
"Didn't kill who."
"I don't know."
"How can you say you didn't before you ask who?"

Linda arrives at her sisters and tells them about her suspicions regarding Marcey and Greg. Steph and Danny believe she is over-reacting due to her affair with Martin. But she finally convinces them there may be something to it.

Marcey phones Greg and tells him about Linda confronting her at work and that she suspects they killed Martin. She wants to know what she should be saying. Greg drives round to Steph and Danny's house where a shouting match ensues. Greg accuses Linda of being a thieving bitch and throws the bank statments at her before being dragged out of the house by Danny.

The next morning, Danny turns up at Greg's house and tries to tell Greg that Linda didn't know about the money and is going to speak to the police about Marcey's false statement. He asks Greg if he killed Martin and is stunned when Greg replies that he did.

Greg goes to Marcey's work and tells her that he is going to have to go to the police but that he'll keep her out of it. She says, "Don't say deliberate." He replies, "By the time you got there there was nothing to see. That's all you need to know. And I do hope that you find somebody who deserves you." He then leaves.

Marcey manages to convince the police there was no murderous motive for her false statement.

Meanwhile, Greg tells Linda, Steph and Danny that he killed Martin accidently, and that Marcey had nothing to do with it. During this confession, Marcey rings the house to tell Linda that if she wants the truth then she had better come outside where she is waiting for her because she'll never hear the truth from Greg.

Linda and Marcey drive to Greg's office and Marcey tells Linda everything that happened. When the police arrive again to speak to Linda, she keeps quiet about what she's been told and Greg and Marcey are off the hook.

At Martin's funeral, Linda tells Marcey that she is leaving Greg. As Marcey drives away, Greg steps out of the house and waves his mobile phone asking her to ring him. Marcey flashes her lights in reply.

The End.