Beyond Recall by Robert Goddard (1997)

Produced by: Chivers Audio Books
ISBN: 0745000885
Date: 1998
Dramatised by:
Directed by:
Running time: 11 hours 31 minutes

Michael Kitchen ... Narrator

The Novel:
(From the cover notes)

It is summer, 1981. At a wedding party being given by the Napier family in the grounds of what had once been their house in Cornwall, Chris Napier, the bride's uncle, is shocked to recognise a drunken intruder. It is his childhood friend, Nicky Lanyon, whom Chris has not seen since his father, Michael Lanyon, was hanged for the murder in 1947 of Chris's great-uncle, Joshua Carnoweth. It was the inheritance of Joshua's fortune that led the Napier family to their present state of affluence. But when Nicky hangs himself, Chris soon realises that his understanding of the events surrounding the murder is no understanding at all...

The Author:
(From the cover notes)

Robert Goddard was born in Hampshire, where he and his wife now live. "Out of the Sun" and "Hand in Glove" are among his titles published as Chivers Audio Books.

The Reader:
(From the cover notes)

Michael Kitchen is a familiar face on television with many credits to his name, including "Kidnapped", "The Hanging Gale", "The Buccaneers", "To Play the King", "Dirty Old Town" and "Inspector Morse". He has appeared at the National Theatre in "Rough Crossing", "On the Razzle", "No Man's Land" as well as with the RSC In "The Art of Success" and "Richard II". His film credits include "Fatherland", "Enchanted April", "The Russia House" and "Out of Africa".