Whispers of Betrayal by Michael Dobbs

Produced by: Chivers Press
ISBN: 0754007073
Date: September, 2001
Dramatised by:
Directed by:
Running Time: 11hrs 25mins / 10 Cassettes / Unabridged

The Novel:
(From the cover notes)

Colonel Peter Amadeus is a national hero. Veteran of the Falklands War and almost every military engagement the British have fought in a quarter of a century. But the nation no longer wants him. Thrown on the scrapheap, along with thousands of other soldiers, Amadeus feels betrayed. He wants an apology from the government, but this is not a government that believes in apologising. So for Amadeus it becomes a matter of honour. And retribution. Only one man stands between the capital and disaster - Tom Goodfellowe, MP.

The Author:
(From the cover notes)

In 1979 Michael Dobbs was at Mrs Thatcher's side as she took her first step into Downing Street as Prime Minister, and in 1994 John Major appointed him Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. His most famous creation, the character Francis Urquhart, has been immortalised by Ian Richardson in three award-winning BBC TV series.

The Reader:
(From the cover notes)

Michael Kitchen is a familiar face on television with many credits to his name, including Kidnapped, The Hanging Gale, The Buccaneers, To Play The King and Reckless. He has appeared at the national Theatre in Rough Crossing and No Man's land, as well as with the RSC in The Art Of Success and Richard II. His film credits include Mrs Dalloway, Enchanted April, The Russia House, Out Of Africa and the James Bond films Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough.