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I couldn't glorify this page with the title of "Biography" because, really, this is all you get.

Born: October 31, 1948 in Leicester.

Height: I'm betting on 5'9" but I could always be wrong. For confirmation I suppose I'll have to wait for Michael to show up in a film leaning against a flood level indicator. Revised: May 7, 2003 - I think I'll have to down-size Michael from my initial estimate to maybe 5'8" - this is after seeing the caps from Out Of Africa and whipping out the old theodolite for a quick calculation using Meryl Streep as the known point. Stay tuned, we may go lower. Revised: Oct 8, 2005 - I'll accept 5' 7", but that's it.

Eyes: Oh, golly. Blue? Ish? Blue-grey? Bit of green?

Partner/Family: According to "Who's Who" (2002), Michael's partner is Rowena Miller. They have two sons.

Hobbies: Piano, guitar, flying, writing, riding, sailing, DIY and tennis.

Early Days: See the Leicester Mercury Interview for a brief run-down and photo.

Theatre: Michael Kitchen worked with the National Youth Theatre and Belgrade Theatre Coventry before attending RADA. Prior to leaving RADA in 1969 he won the "Emile Littler Award" for 'outstanding talent and aptitude for the professional theatre'. You can follow Michael's theatre career through, strangely enough, the Theatre pages.

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