Michael Kitchen as "Bob" in
Still Life (1983)

Because you won't find any mention of this programme at imdb (or elsewhere), here is a brief summary and the credits as listed on the movie.

Summary: The story is set almost entirely in a hospital ward where recovering spinal injury patients are helped to cope with an independant life outside the hospital. Bob is transferred here 6 weeks after his accident and shares the ward with Frank, Janet and Davy. In contrast to the others, Bob is still upbeat and cheerful despite his paralysis. He begins to keep a diary as his way of 'not letting his experience go to waste'. Over the course of a few days, the bitter, cynical Frank fails to breaks down what we come learn is Bob's secret denial of his condition. One night, Davy commits suicide and this proves to be the final straw for Bob, who finally has to face what the rest of his life will now be like.

Cast List:

Michael Kitchen ... Bob
Bernard Hill ... Frank
Philomena McDonagh ... Linda
Rictina Carey ... Shelly
Nicola Wright ... Nurse Cath
Olu Jacobs ... Dr Nicholas
James Lister ... Barry
Maryann Turner ... Sister Francis
Christine Ozanne ... Sadie
Peter Shelly ... Davy

Written by Julie Welch
Produced by Brenda Reid
Directed by Martin Thurley

BBC Production, 1983

Many thanks to Mairi for capping these pictures.