Michael Kitchen as "Bill" in
Home Run (1989)

Because you won't find any mention of this programme at imdb (or elsewhere), here is a brief summary and the credits as listed on the movie.

Summary: Bill returns home from working abroad in Brussels. He has everything one would expect a high flying business consultant to have, upmarket dockside apartment, expensive clothes, beautiful girlfriend and an executive car. However, a return to live in the regenerated East End of London where he grew up is not all that Bill might have expected. His past begins to trouble him and his increasingly paranoid behaviour first loses him his girlfriend then his job. A fracas with some local youths outside his apartment one evening brings about a confrontation with a local villian, who's son received a beating from Bill. There then follows a tit for tat exchange of violence between the two men, who we later learn knew each other from school. It soon becomes apparent that Bill is set on a course of self destruction.

Cast List:

Michael Kitchen ... Bill
Corinne Dacla ... Anna
Keith Barron ... McGovern
Ethna Roddy ... Linda
Tom Georgeson ... Goodis
Anne Carroll ... Joy
Terence Hillyer ... Tony
Georgia Allen ... Dolly
Michael Fitzgerald ... Giles
David Pullman ... Lawrence

Written by Andy Armitage
Produced by David Snodin
Directed by Nicholas Renton

BBC Production, 1989

Many thanks to Mairi for capping these pictures.