Michael Kitchen as 'Angel' Dick: 9.20

Michael Kitchen as 'Angel' Dick
in Hell's Angel (Aired 21/1/1971, BBC)

9.20 Play For Today
Hell's Angel
by David Agnew
with Katharine Blake as Cynthia McKenna
André Morell as Sir Geoffrey Wolf
Richard Morant as Conrad McKenna
Michael Kitchen as Dick Foster
Angharad Rees as April Cotton

The adopted child is useful; the grown-up boy a problem. But it isn't so easy to drop a person.

Young Dick ... Paul Matthews
Vernon Foster ... Donald Eccles
Young Conrad ... Andrew Taee
Nanny ... Doris Rogers
Arabella ... Drina Pavlovic
Sir Nigel Lewson ... John Devaut
Lord Ryder ... Geoffrey Wincott
Boker ... Ray Ford

Producer ... Graeme McDonald
Director ... Alan Cooke
Designer ... Fanny Taylor
Lighting ... Geoff Shaw

Many thanks to Telemagman for digging out this information.