One Final Question - October 23-29, 2004; Radio Times; Benji Wilson

Radio Times In a rare interview, the versatile Mr K reveals his secret hobbies - and embarrasses his kids...

So here we are with the third series of Foyle's War. What have we got to look forward to?
More of the same, really. It's four two-hour episodes set in 1941.

What will happen to the series once the war's over?
Foyle's Peace. And a ratings disaster.

Did Anthony Horowitz write the part with you in mind?
I asked him that. He said, "The actual truth is that when I wrote the part, you were number one on a list of ideal actors to play Foyle, though of course we couldn't approach you until we had a script. Foyle had certain characteristics - his age, sex, nationality etc - but the character only really came into being once you and I had met and we began to work together. Since then he has evolved very much in the direction that you suggested. That part would not exist without you."

How lovely for you to hear. Was the character's name a deliberate pun - as in "Kitchen Foyle"?
Kitchen Foyle has been around the set since the first episode; but Foyle's War existed before I signed up. So, no, it's not deliberate.

In the show you are a bad golfer - is that true in real life?
It's a wonderful game and I walked away from it; very appealing, but very time-consuming and too many other things to do. My eldest and I play about once a year...and we've never had enough balls to get around.

Could Foyle's War do for Hastings what Morse did for Oxford?
Wasn't Oxford doing okay before Morse showed up? Hastings, though it certainly has been, is not currently in the best of health in my opinion. I regularly used to go to Hastings in the 1950s with the family and I've a very strong image of what it used to be. It could do with some help.

You seem to have appeared in just about everything there's ever been worth appearing in on television - any major omissions to your CV? Things you wish you'd done?
It's perhaps sad that one or two feature films didn't materialise when they might have done, but then I'd have forfeited one or two memorable TV films if they had. I'm OK with the way it's gone.

You've done the voice-overs for Faking It, which has been a massive success. Do you like that sort of TV?
Faking It is terrific, as are other shows and documentaries made by RDF (the production company). I'm very pleased to be associated with them.

Which one has been your favourite, and why?
None better than Chris the punk rocker, who faked it as a conductor. That was beautiful.

Do you think someone with no experience could blag his way convincingly as a leading man in a detective drama with just a few weeks training?
Sure, why not? I do.

What about as a soap star?
It happens regularly, doesn't it?

Who's Who says you like flying. With or without a plane? Pilot or passenger?
I had a licence to fly single engines until, at the time with a young family, I couldn't justify the expense.

And we also hear you're a keen rock climber - any other secret hobbies we should know about?
I climbed Kilimanjaro two years ago, if that's the rock you're referring to, but I don't make a habit of it; it was to raise money for the Village Education Project, a charity in Tanzania sponsored by (adventure tour operator) Guerba. I really enjoy playing tennis, sailing and DIY, though none of it is a secret as far as I am aware. The better my eldest son plays, the less I seem to pick up the guitar. But I hope to ride again before I'm much older.

You've appeared in several Bond films - any chance we might see you in the lead role?
I'm a foot shorter than the qualifying height, as well as pretty much every other qualification.

One final question: did you ever think about calling one of your children "Fitted"?
Fitted is now in his GCSE year, and Farmhouse is currently in second-year prep.