The Last Contract (1998) - Transcript of interview included on DVD release.

The British actor Michael Kitchen plays the hitman Ray Lambert; he's used to playing criminals.

Michael Kitchen:
I don't know why I tend to get them really 'cause in England I've done quite a few, very unpleasant, extremely nasty people and they keep coming - but there seems to be a lot more money in evil and you know, so I'm happier to take them.

Director (Kjell Lageroos):
I think he's made for the part of Ray Lambert. A perfect English Gentleman discreet, refined, but behind the façade an ice-cold killer…..a highly skilled professional.

Michael Kitchen:
So Kjell is a smasher, he's great. Maybe he's not used to actors opening up more and making suggestions and maybe we got off to a bit of a bumpy start because I'd make suggestions and he'd go Oooh! But, you know, there's been one or two ideas been accepted alright but I don't think it's been .. em … it's his usual experience .. well I know it isn't, 'cause he told me.

Screencaps of this interview can be found here.

Transcribed by Mairi