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In November, 2002, I tuned in to Friday Night Crime on the ABC and became completely hooked on "Foyle's War". There followed a few weeks of intensive searching on the internet for information on the series and the lead actor.

Michael Kitchen must be a very private person (insert a virtuous "and I respect that") because other than a birthdate and incomplete lists of theatre roles, television and movie parts there was nothing out there.

So, while doing the "respect" thing, this is our tribute to an obviously talented actor and, in DCS Foyle, a thoroughly charming character.


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Many, and sincere, thanks to everyone who has made this site possible with their contributions, enthusiasm and dedication - Cheers!


This site is not "official" in any way. It isn't sanctioned by Michael Kitchen, ITV, Greenlit Productions or any other organisation remotely linked to Michael Kitchen. The site is intended purely for pleasure, not for financial profit. Where possible, links to sources have been provided.

I do not know Michael Kitchen and I don't know how to get in touch with him.

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