The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

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Venue: The Greenwich Theatre
Opened: February 13, 1975 (preview Feb 12, opened Feb 13) to March 8, 1975
Production Company:
Adaptation: John Osborne
Director: Clive Donner
Design: Bernard Culshaw
Lighting: Nick Chelton
Costumes: Vangie Harrison
Music: Leslie James Carter

The John Osborne season at Greenwich was completed with Clive Donner's production of Wilde's novel. Dorian Gray (Michael Kitchen, left) seizes Basil Hallward (John McEnery) by the throat in the battle between sensation and sensibility.

Anton Rodgers ... Lord Henry Wotton
John McEnery ... Basil Hallward
Michael Kitchen ... Dorian Gray
Kenneth Benda ... Lord Fermor & Francis
Kitty Fitzgerald ... Lady Agatha
Anne Blake ... Duchess of Harley
Lloyd Lamble ... Sir Thomas Burdon & Mr Hubbard
Angharad Rees ... Sibyl Vane & Duchess of Monmouth
Jean Heywood ... Mrs Vane
Paul Kelly ... James Vane
Michael Deacon ... Victor & Alan Campbell
John Daniell & Iain Roberts ... Footmen & Policemen

...but whatever resonance Wilde's story has for a modern audience is missed in his unadventurous and disappointing adaptation: Dorian and Lord Henry (Anton Rodgers) continue in more relaxed circumstances. - Plays and Players
Cover art from Cue, 1975, by Bob Gill
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