Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (1597)

"A new Mobile production. Romeo and Juliet, like Spring Awakening, can be described as 'a children's tragedy'. It has the same actors and directors as Wedekind's play." ~ The National Theatre Season pamphlet

Venue 1: The Old Vic
Opened: August 28 to September 14, 1974 (6 performances)
Venue 2: Congress Theatre, Eastbourne
Opened: October 29, 1974
Venue 3: Nuffield Theatre, Southampton
Opened: November 4 to 9, 1974
Production Company: National Theatre
Director: Bill Bryden
Design: Hayden Griffin
Lighting: Leonard Tucker & Hayden Griffin
Music: Marc Wilkinson
Fights: William Hobbs
Movement: Judith Paris

Michael Kitchen ... Benvolio (to August 29)
Michael Kitchen ... Romeo (from September 13)
Veronica Quilligan ... Juliet
David Dixon ... Mercutio
Peter Firth ... Romeo (until August 29)
Christopher Guard ... Paris
Martin Howells ... Benvolio (from September 13)
Patti Love ...Lady Capulet
James Mellor ... Capulet
Peter Needham ... Friar Lawrence
Judith Paris ... Lady Montague
Beryl Reid ... Nurse
Keith Skinner ... Tybalt
James Smith ... Escalus
Daniel Thorndike ... Montague